Becoming a Referee 4 of 4

4. Touchline Management and Technical Areas

The following guidance has been issued to clubs – in conjunction with Yorkshire Rugby Football Union – in a bid to help referees manage the touchline and technical areas and assist in the prevention of accidents in this region.

We would recommend that the below is applied utilsing your discretion and commonsense but, in the event of challenges, please do not hesitate to contact your Member Society Chairman/Secretary who will be able to liaise with the club and the MOPG committee.

Technical Areas

The changes to the law regarding quick line-outs could potentially mean more players occupying the touch-line area and unauthorized persons could prevent teams taking advantage of this by means of obstruction and could prevent a try being scored, for example, or a quick throw being taken. In order to “de-congest” this area and facilitate less potential obstructions the Federation is using the following guidelines in relation to the applying the technical areas. Please remember this is to help facilitate the game in a quick and safe manner.

2.1 Technical areas should be clearly marked out, guidelines on this are available on the RFU web site

2.2 If there are no technical areas marked the only persons allowed inside the barrier will be Touch judges, ball boys and the 4th Match official, all other persons will remain out side the barrier throughout the game.

2.3 All substitutes to be either seated in a “dug-out” within the technical area or behind the pitch-side barrier unless acting as water boys – whereby a maximum of 2 will be allowed. Warming up is only to be permitted in the opposition dead ball areas and access to this should be from outside the barrier not from the touch line.

2.4 The technical area should only be manned by team coaches and physio and no other persons. Coaches and physios should not move out of the technical areas except to treat injured players or assist in interchanges.

2.5 Ball boys will be allowed providing they have been trained to avoid areas where they are likely to come into contact with players.

2.6 We would also ask the 4th Official to take responsibility of assisting in managing that all authorised persons remain inside the technical areas and should they encounter problems with this to report it to the referee.